Why Choose a Vaporizer?

Vaporization is a technique for avoiding irritating respiratory toxins in smoke by heating tobacco / herbs to a temperature where the desired ingredients vaporize without causing combustion.

Vaporization produces no tar, carbon monoxide or various other combustion byproducts that wreak havoc on your lungs and throat.

Vapor's cooler temperature makes it less damaging to lung tissue, as it produces no carcinogenic elements.

Vaporization yields a more concentrated dose, hence your body requires less plant material to attain the desired affect.

Custom Glass Accessories.

Check out our optional glass accessories. Vapolution offers more glass accessories than any other vaporizer company allowing our clients to customize their vaping experience.

The All-In-Wonder Bowl is our most popular upgrade. It makes no bones about the glass on glass experience! A glass heater to a glass bowl to a glass mouthpiece.That's as pure and clean as it gets! 

The Vapolution Infuser is also a popular addition to the Vapolution collection. It allows users to naturally collect oils and resins on your herb as you vape.

All of our glass is hand blown in Chico CA. Click here for details.

Vapolution technology...

 Our silent, no bag system, is light weight, discreet, easy to set up and use.

No grinding, stirring or waiting are a few more unique features of the Vapolution Vaporizer. Simply break off a piece of your favorite herb and enjoy instant vapor.

Leave the low power unit on all day without fear of overheating or heater element burn out and your vaporizer will be ready when you are.

Vapolution's all glass on glass technology offers the purest and tastiest flavor ever.